Sunday, 28 December 2014

Why I'm using Blogger

So it appears some of my friends (I'm looking at you, Anna, who is quoted below) think my choice of Blogger is shit.

Of all platforms in all the world, you picked the shittiest one?
Like, WordPress is less shitty.
Au contraire, WordPress is always the shittiest.
 Like, LiveJournal is less shitty.
Hi yes, I'm a big girl now. I haven't been 18 in... 5 years? Besides, is there even anyone left on LJ these days
Rails' example is less shitty
I take that back. Rails is always the shittiest. Ugh. Maybe one day I will write a rant about Ruby when I feel like dealing with a bunch of code "artisans" or ninjas, but today is not that day.
 I would have hosted any solution for you and even done the admin part
But this way nobody has to do the admin part except some underpaid slave at Google! Managing a blog is only free if your time has no value; I wouldn't subject anyone I cared about to that kind of masochistic torture, especially the torture of maintaining WordPress, aka "certified pre-0wned."
You mean besides the fact they make money off you by putting in ads and pay you none of it?
My rants aren't a profit-making enterprise, ffs. Let them profit off it in exchange for me nor anyone else I care about not having to maintain a blog platform.
Besides the fact it forces your readers to sign in with Google to comment, not allowing OpenID or Disqus any other federated login?
Disqus is ugh, and Google is an OpenID provider. EDIT: it has come to my attention that Google are no longer an OpenID provider, but Blogger is an OpenID consumer.
Besides the fact none of their templates work correctly on mobile and you have to write your own HTML and CSS if you want those visits which are 60% of web traffic these days?
Looks fine on my phone, dunno what you're on about.
Besides the fact it isn't HTML compliant and fails egregiously on any validator.
Adorable, you think WordPress pages are any better. *patpat* EDIT: I was asked to take back the patpat.
Besides the fact they slipstream analytics even when you don't want them and disable them?
You got me there, but I'm too lazy to care.
I mean, TypePad, Tumblr, jesus fuck anything is better than Blogger
Never heard of TypePad. I don't want to be associated with tumblr or its poisonous, self-defeating culture of SJW's.

I guess it boils down to one thing:

I just don't give a fuck.

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  1. As a follow up, after looking in to it, there DO seem to be a few templates that support mobile and validate on HTML 5 - the only bits that don't now are the share buttons because Google is too stupid to URL-encode their huge-ass links (huge ass-links).

    While I still don't think Blogger is that great, it seems to have improved a bit since I looked at it last year.

    (Oh, and fwiw, I specifically named the worst platforms as being better to make a point. I wasn't seriously suggesting anyone actually use LiveJournal, lol.)