Saturday, 10 January 2015

AdBlock plus keeps disabling itself

AdBlock plus seems to constantly keep disabling itself in Firefox (no, I am not going to use Chrome, thanks). I don't mean the plugin itself, just the ads filtering (icon turns grey, ads aren't blocked, etc.). Search results reveal two things:
  1. This is ridiculously common
  2. It's dismissed as an "antivirus software"/"user error" problem
Considering I use Linux, I really doubt an "antivirus" is to blame. Moreover, the idea that an antivirus program would disable a feature in a plugin like this arbitrarily is ridiculous.

Given that I'm not setting the knob, and it doesn't magically happen at restart (it seems to happen after I visit some pages), I think there's either an exploit (known or unknown) in AdBlock Plus, or some other functionality that allows pages to turn it off.

Given AdBlock Plus is a business, I wouldn't be surprised if they had such a thing, and were selling it to ad companies. Hell, knowing people in the ads business, and hearing their stories of the sleaziness of the ads industry, I'd be surprised if this wasn't going on.

I wish I could find the uBlock plugin for Firefox people are telling me exists, but searching is turning up nothing. I think it's just idiocy put out by "Chrome master race" users who don't actually have a clue.


  1. Yeah, uBlock only works with Chromium because "Google!".

    AdBlock Plus is the only maintained blocking extension for Firefox (besides a Windows-only one written in, of all things, C++). AdBlock Plus is also, as you mentioned, a business. This is probably not a coincidence, just sayin'.

  2. I use "Bluhell Firewall" which is a fork of Adblock Plus. Check it out.